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Explore creative ways to upcycle your plastic table.

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Upcycling your plastic table can breathe new life into old furniture, reducing waste and adding a personal touch to your decor. Here are some creative and practical ways to transform your plastic table.

Clean and refresh

Start by cleaning your plastic table thoroughly using dish soap and water. This simple step removes dirt and grime, preparing the surface for upcycling. A clean table is essential for any successful upcycling project.

Cover with plastic table covers

Use colorful or patterned plastic table covers to instantly change the look of your table. This is a quick and affordable way to match your table to different seasons or themes. This method works great for both plastic folding tables and round plastic tables.

Convert to a chalkboard table

Apply chalkboard paint to the tabletop to create a fun and functional chalkboard surface. Perfect for kids’ activities or as a message board in your kitchen, this can be a fantastic transformation for any plastic table.

Create a Mosaic Design

Break old tiles or glass into small pieces and adhere them to the tabletop with strong glue. Grout the spaces between for a stunning mosaic effect. This technique can be applied to round plastic tables for a unique look.

Transform into a Succulent Garden

Drill drainage holes in the tabletop and fill them with soil and succulents. This unique garden table adds greenery to your space and can be a creative way to upcycle plastic folding tables.

Upholstery with Fabric

Measure and cut the fabric to fit the tabletop, then secure it with adhesive or staples underneath. Choose weather-resistant fabric for outdoor tables. This can give a fresh look to round plastic tables.

Paint with chalk paint.

Give your plastic table a vintage look by painting it with chalk paint. Distress the edges for a shabby, chic appearance. This technique works well on both plastic folding tables and standard plastic tables.

Install a tile mosaic.

Arrange small tiles in a geometric pattern on the tabletop. Use tile adhesive and grout to secure them for a durable and stylish finish. This is another great way to revamp round plastic tables.

Create a Lego table.

Attach Lego base plates to the tabletop to create a building surface for Lego enthusiasts. This turns your table into a play area that sparks creativity, perfect for any plastic table.


Whether you’re covering it with a plastic table cover, converting it into a chalkboard table, or creating a succulent garden, these ideas provide endless possibilities to breathe new life into your plastic table. By applying these creative upcycling methods, you can enhance your space, reduce waste, and enjoy the satisfaction of a personalized piece of furniture. So, grab your supplies and start your upcycling journey today!

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